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  • Urologist / MD opinion?

    I know from what I have read that the medical community sees only the risks associated with PE of any sort. There's almost no mention of studies that have been conducted, but if you read between the lines, there are a few positive mentions. It seems that no source wants to be bold and come out and say it's possible, for fear of being the source that encouraged (for free) millions of men who would want to make their penises bigger. I have encountered some sources that indicate proof of increased length from wearing traction devices every day for several months, and of course there is the data about dudes who get lengthening surgery that they have to hang weights post-op. This, of course, is only what the official medical community has to say about it. From what I have seen on Thunders, it seems that there are several doctors who practice PE for themselves, and have a positive opinion about it. Because, well, it worked for them and they have better erections, and continue to for the rest of their lives.

    I wouldn't expect much light to be shed on PE in the near term, since the popular opinion is so far swayed against it. Though, with all the information that is available, it might be possible. So much has changed in the last ten years with regard to PE info online. There's more and more information for those discerning and compelled enough to find it.

    I wanted to ask whether any doctors or urologists in particular have anything to say about the bibhanger or hanging in general.

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    >I wanted to ask whether any doctors or urologists in particular have anything to say about the bibhanger or hanging in general.<

    As you said, many on Thunders have written about it, and many have used the Bibs. I guess the only one I can recall offhand was Merlin. He was very successful, and I think even wrote a book. Not sure if he is still around.

    There was one other on Thunders. A really nice guy that wrote a lot. But my weak mind cannot recall. I guess I remember Merlin because of the name.

    I have not seen any doctors here, that write about it. Though I am sure they have been here.

    In general, all doctors know that the collagenous tissues that restrain an erection can be deformed. The concern is, and should be, the safety and/or risk of being able to deform them.



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      Thought I'd weigh in here with some thoughts. I work at one of the big-dog medical centers on the East Coast. Huge, international. I am a social worker, but having now integrated in with providers and researchers, there are a few things that stand out to me.

      One, PE is by nature a self-improvement, body-altering exercise. Generally speaking, it is not curative (unless one addresses Peyronie's disease via PE, which could be a good focus of research). Nor is it preventative. It is body modification. Ok, cool. What it can/could be, however, is potentially devastating if one is not careful.

      And so on that context one could never really expect medical experts to promote it as "Yeah, go for it!". But they sure as hell will weigh in with precaution, and people can expect that nearly all the time unless someone is trying to be a maverick and make a name for himself/herself and go the uber-commercial route (which some doctors/researchers have done historically). Because it is a basic tenet of their professional calling to provide cautions about our health and activities that might affect it.

      Be that as it may, even if medical doctors would like to weigh in on the pros of PE, the sexual taboo nature of America (slutty as it is in some ways - maybe immature and selfish are better descriptors - it's still Puritanically based) would be a huge ward against coming out and discussing it. But I betcha some practice it, because hey, they are human, too.

      As I've worked beside them and gotten to know many, many providers (most of who do unbelievably complex research), I am struck by how much they genuinely care about people. Yep, they are doctors and sometimes they see human experience and suffering from only certain angles (which they are hyper-trained to do), and as a social worker I have to exhale and be patient and sometimes enlighten them, as they do me about medical things. But I am seriously in awe of how much so many honestly care about people and their health status.

      So, given that PE can be such a risky thing and, if certain damages occurs it is game-over, I suspect to almost never hear it supported by the medical community. Maverick researchers, maybe. Doctors, nope.

      A related question is, however, why we want to have providers weigh in on it, especially as we've come to understand ourselves that there are some benefits that can be derived from PE along with potential risks. Why doctors don't weigh in (aside from precautionary stuff) isn't so entertaining a question as is why we are so clamoring for their carte-blanche thumbs up.

      Even if it is given, it won't make the proven effects of wise/careful PE any more or less true.
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        Many thanks for your point of view. That was a lot more thoughtful than my response.



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          Yeah, that was really thought provoking, and I certainly respect your viewpoint. If I were in a medical position, I would find it hard to be a promoter of PE unless I was prepared to make my departure into the wide charletan realms, because, yeah, it's frowned upon as insecure, and it's risky, mainly. Guys get over eager or experimental, and suddenly the response is: Seriously, I almost ruined my unit, size doesn't matter, forget about it. Just love yourself, think about the bigger picture, and move on. And hopefully they do move on.

          My motivator, imagining that I were in such a position, would be for all the millions of guys who really actually have suffered because of penis size, and who just weren't clever in the right ways or persistent enough to get past the penis pill ads and find decent practical information. It's an odd paradigm that we are both puritan and grotesquely profit-seeking; that billboard penis pills exist alongside billboard bible verses and whatnot.

          Great distinction about PE as body modification as opposed to actual therapy or cure. I suppose that if sexuality was less socially charged, that sort of body modification could better be approached from a research angle. But, I do not see that in the cards.

          Part of the core issue is that there is such a push for increased size as a better thing, and with porn and all that, even most men who are of average or even above average size feel inferior. If the information was readily available, it would become a practical matter, much as fitness is a practical matter. My suspicion is that more men would be happy with their size. Their gains would be earned, and so they would feel like they have the result of their labors rather than were cursed with a small wiener. My suspicion is that in such a utopia, those for whom size mattered would be of that size, and that size would probably be 7 or 8 inches.

          So, as to why we are clamoring for medical thumbs up in part comes from a hope for the social psyche to be better integrated. Many people know about PE, and sex is a big part of life. I haven't needed any doctor's approval to make my gains, and with the cost of health care in the USA, I wouldn't seek it out anyway. But having some official general guidelines or information would go a long way for making the practice more efficient (in terms of sorting through bad information) and safe. The overall consensus being "stay away from it because it hasn't been proven and carries high risks" reminds me of abstinence-only sex ed.


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            Originally posted by Bib View Post

            There was one other on Thunders. A really nice guy that wrote a lot. But my weak mind cannot recall. I guess I remember Merlin because of the name.


            Luvdadus. Man that's a blast from the past. Both he and Merlin were and hopefully still are great guys.

            hey Bib.