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    >Here are two images from a wrap I did today. One image is from maybe an hour or so after wrapping and the other (more engorged) is from several hours later.<

    OK, that may be overdoing it a least this quickly. That is a lot of edema, and it is highly doubtful that much will go down before your next hanging session. I could be wrong.

    More than likely, your next hanging session, the skin is going to sting.

    >I've gotten so that there is little to no discomfort; is any there is slight stinging at the edge of the wrap, likely due to the amount of swelling that occurs over time.<

    Yes, the edge can be uncomfortable. But the good news is, you can change where the edge is slightly, and the discomfort is not too bad. Or, you can use a cloth underwrap.

    >Glans is sometimes a touch cool, but never cold cold, and there is no loss of sensation. Some color changes but overall pretty normal, and any purple/blueness seems to normalize (I'm guessing as the pressure builds up).<


    >If I'm understanding your instructions correctly (which were very good, by the way), the goal is to spiral fairly loosely beginning about mid shaft, gradually increasing tightness and then making the last pass or two quite tight.<


    >If I wrap too tightly, I will impede both inflow and outflow, and this results in no swelling/engorgement. I think I did this once and it was obvious after 10 minutes that nothing was happening.

    If I wrap too loosely, nothing happens.

    If I wrap correctly, I'm thinking something like what is happening in these pictures occurs?<

    Yes. Tension just right.

    >I apologize for being overly effusive, but I just think it's really fucking great and I appreciate you a great deal.<

    Thank you for all of the extremely kind words. I do all of this because 20 years ago, next month, there were guys that helped me to get started. Changed my life.

    >I'll send hanger technique images soon.<


    Thanks again,



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      Sorry about the delay. Had family in, and could not respond.

      >I'm trying to get the WFG greater as you suggested but I think perhaps it's still lacking. The piece of TB I'm using is really long; should I consider a second strip for wrapping in the hanger attachment area?<

      I do not believe so. It looks like you have everything proportioned well. You probably just need to refine your tightening technique a bit. Though it appears the shaft is not twisting.

      >Having the bottom gap wider definitely creates a different sensation that feels closer to right. The only thing that might be missing is more WFG to allow for this much room in the hanger along with sufficient compression/gripping. <

      You are in the ballpark. But you most probably simply need to get the bottom hex nut adjustments dialed in a bit better. The top gap is a little close. So, you can move the bottom hex nut adjustments in a turn or so, and have a bit more top gap in order to tighten more.

      >I still got some twisting with this setup BUT many of the things you've been describing are matching my experience of setting up more closely, it's making more sense to me, so I think that getting the WFG right and adjusting the bottom gap as you see fit might take care of that.<

      Yes. But please realize the shaft does NOT need to be perfectly straight. No reason for it. You just do not want the top two major chambers popping over, as you described before.

      >Regarding the wrapping for glans and upper shaft expansion:

      So far it's been good. I did have a LOT of edema as you predicted; it seems to be primarily concentrated in the circumcision scar area.

      It has almost entirely dissipated by the next morning, but there was still a little present.<

      You can probably deal with a little. You just do not want a lot.

      >The head does swell during the wrapping session, but when it's over more of the swelling/edema seems to be in this circumcision area.

      Is that normal, or should the wrap begin higher up the shaft (perhaps this would concentrate it more in the glans)?<

      It is normal for the area to swell. It is simply the pushing of fluid into the interstitial spaces of the skin. The problem comes if there is too much, and it creates stinging in the skin while hanging.

      You should not move the start of the wrap too close to the head. It is simple geometry. There must be enough distance for the head and upper shaft to swell. Starting the wrap too close to the head disallows that.



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        Over the past several days I've been working with BIB to get my hanger settings right.

        Yesterday, for the first time in some time, I found a wrapping/hanger adjustment setup that allowed me to get some proper sets in.

        I needed a lot of wrap in order to get the WFG sufficient in order for the bottom gap to be wide enough and to leave rom for tightening the top gap during the set.

        I also have quite a bit of "turkey neck"/scrotal skin up the shaft, so I try to wrap the entire shaft during the session.

        The setup I've been using is this:

        1) I use a hair-tie double wrapped around my scotum to pull the surplus scrotal skin down and out of the way.

        Two twists is not tight at all and I only leave the tie in place long enough to wrap the shaft, after which I immediately remove it.

        2) I then wrap the entire shaft.

        3) Then, using a separate, shorter length wrap, I add a little extra girth to the hanger attachment area.

        I'm trying this because my first length of wrap is already very long, and if I wrap the entire shaft with it there isn't enough WFG in the hanger attachment area.

        4) I then attach the hanger.

        Yesterday I managed 3 quite comfortable 20 min sets this way with 10lbs. I attempted a fourth but was unable because of edema/fluid buildup in the circumcision scar area.

        Today I repeated the procedure but only succeeded in hanging 2X20min sets with 10lbs. The edema was worse today, very similar to what happens after several hours of BIB's "wrapping for glans and upper shaft expansion.

        I read a bit on the forum and it seems probable that this is due simply to the "return" to 20min sets after a period of several weeks fiddling unsuccessfully with wrap and hanger adjustment settings.

        (I followed the NOS progression as closely as possible

        My LOT and skin exit point are quite low, and even at 10lb I feel very little to no stretch in the ligaments with BTC. I actually feel more stretch (in the mid shaft area of the penis itself) when I stand up after a session and am hanging SD before removing the hanger.

        (BIB has suggested that I hang BTC regardless until I work up to 20lb or so just to be sure any potential ligament gains are achieved and to get my technique right.)

        However I'm not thinking that perhaps starting yesterday I'm hanging close to correctly for the first time, with sufficient WFG to have the bottom gap wide enough to grasp the internal properly, and that maybe this is putting some new stress on the attachment point, and that this is where the edema is coming from.

        I'm considering dripping the weight down to see if this allows me to hang more sets with this new wrap/hanger setup in order to condition the tissues to this new stress.

        On the other hand, maybe a few consistent days of 2-3 20 minute sets at 10lb will decrease the edema buildup.

        10lb is the minimum that feels like any stretch at all to the penis itself, and so long as there isn't fluid buildup it is very comfortable.


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          When you use a lot of wrap, it is easy to get one or more of the passes too tight, and that can cause edema. I know you have some experience with that. But be sure that is not the reason for your buildup.



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            BIB, I think you were right about the extra wrap and some of it being too tight.

            I was really mindful about being passive in the wrap, and also to make the WFG just enough to leave enough space in the top gap to allow for tightening throughout the set as needed.

            A couple of things seems to be really helping.

            One is wrapping down most of the shaft (starting as suggested about an inch behind the glans).

            Another is having the bottom gap quite wide, which we knew before, but which then leaves the challenge of having enough WFG to make the grip tight.

            I tried attaching the hanger with the wide bottom gap was just the single wrap, and although I couldn't get it tight enough to hang without a bit of extra wrap the way my penis say in the hanger was MUCH more comfortable, and for the first time ever there was little to no twisting.

            (At least in the beginning. At the end of some sets I find that the glans has twisting during the set, sometimes almost to 90 degrees; but on another occasion it was almost perfectly straight even at the end).

            I then added the second wrap to add some WFG, and found that I really needed just a couple of extra wraps in the attachment area to balance between the need to:

            1) Having it easy to settle the penis down deep in the hanger and close the top bolt and

            2) Allow the hanger to be tight enough to support the weight while also leaving room for further tightening.

            I'm on my second 20 min set of the day today with 10lb and have virtually no edema and am finding it quite comfortable.

            I suppose it's possible there could be some conditioning/adaption that has occurred over the past three days of 20 min sets (2-3 each day), but the rapidity of the change and the degree of change in comfort and tissue response leads me to believe that it's improved technique.

            I'm reluctant to jump to the conclusion that I have it al figured out completely now, as I've done that in the past and then gotten myself frustrated as a result.

            However, having zeroed in in this way is a really encouraging thing; I'm fairly sure that the bottom bolts are close to where they need to be and now each session I just need to get my WFG dialed in.


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              Interestingly, after one three sets today I have some persistent numbness in the glans (persisting beyond the point of return of normal blood flow) and upper shaft area.

              I wonder if this numbness is related to the turning of the glans in the hanger during the actual set (which I don't notice until after the set is done).


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                Since my last post, a great deal of feeling has returned. It isn't all the way back but is steadily improving.

                The numbness sensation was a little unnerving, but with it returning this rapidly I'm encouraged that it might have been just a transient circulation/pressure thing rather than any nerve bruising.

                Also, as I think about it, it's possible that I was attaching a little too close to the glans. I read yesterday that attaching too far back can cause edema buildup, and in my effort to avoid that I may have attached a touch too close to the head.

                That plus the issue of the gland turning mid set (without my even realizing it) likely account for the temporary lose of feeling.

                Tomorrow I'm going to attach a bit further back and try to remedy the twisting mid set.


                Everything else felt very good. It's surprising to me that with as much as 10lb I don't feel a lot of stretch in the BTC position; most intensity is related to attachment point/head issues if I haven't gotten that right.

                This is really consistent with BIB's assessment that I have relatively little to gain from ligament stretching at this time.

                When I first started hanging with the BIB a few months ago, I had some rather intense skin stretching sensation/burning (I think it I was only using 2.5, and perhaps 5lb at the time), and some significant stretch marks in the pubic hair region (so much so that I was concerned about tearing and was applying a skin butter to it frequently).

                Then on one other occasion I experienced what felt like some fairly intense stretching ligament stretching (where the penis exits the body, right off of the pubic bone), but I have not felt that since that particular session.

                Interestingly, what I believe to be this ligament stretching occurred shortly after the skin sensation abated, which maybe suggests that once the skin was a little slack the ligaments started taking the weight.

                Now I can get bet of pleasant stretch/burn near the pubic region if I posteriorly tilt my pelvis (tuck my tail bone) and do a kind of crunch/sit-up isometric hold, but otherwise the stretch is minimal.

                Even gently swinging gently back and forth and side to side doesn't create much stretching sensation.


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                  Well, all in all it sounds like you are learning. Knowledge teamed with practical experience will take you a long way.

                  >However, having zeroed in in this way is a really encouraging thing; I'm fairly sure that the bottom bolts are close to where they need to be and now each session I just need to get my WFG dialed in.<

                  Not to nitpick, but it is easier to get the WFG right first, then get the hanger adjustments right. You need one of those two in concrete, not variable.

                  Am I to assume with your better technique, that you are actually hanging more minutes during your sessions?

                  That, along with the fact that you are now affecting different tissues, soft tissues, that are not conditioned for this technique, could cause a bit of numbness. The twisting and attaching too close to the head could also come into play.

                  Continue to improve, and let me know about any more numbness.



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                    Hereís a transcript of my latest message with BIB. Iíve has some great developments since struggling to get the hanger right when I started earlier this spring (2018).

                    The highlights are these:

                    1) Wrapping for head and upper shaft expansion can make a tremendous diffidence.

                    2) Do not rush to move up in weight.
                    - ďMake haste slowlyĒ; thorough progress is quicker than fast progress.

                    3) Do not attach too far from the head.
                    - A lot of my difficulties came from overestimating the necessary distance from the head.
                    - I was a little over-cautious about avoiding the head and Iíve got a ďbad spotĒ fairly close to the head, so I was trying to attach behind it.
                    - Ironically, the end result here was I failed to get a good attachment and the hanger would end up sliding down and putting pressure on the head.
                    - Getting in front of the ďbad spotĒ and getting a really good grip results in a solid attachment which, although closer to the head to begin with, does not move any closer during the 20 min set.

                    4) Get enough Wrapped Flaccid Girth to have the bottom settings fairly wide.

                    5) Think outside the box.
                    - For a long time I got stuck in my own points of reference and basically kept trying the same things over and over.
                    - Things changes for me when I combined generous and patient and specific feedback from BIB with lots of personal experience practicing.
                    - If everything youre trying isnít working, it might be that adjusting a different variable will solve the issue.

                    6) Donít give up.
                    - I tried hard to convince myself that there was something wrong with me that was causing the hanger to not work.
                    - BIB set me straight and through taking some time off to experiment with wrapping for head expansion and to sort of reset my attitude Iím back and having great success getting set up quickly and properly.
                    - Iím pretty dense with stuff like this, so if I can figure it out, you absolutely can too.
                    - In addition to technique getting better, it seems that every successful set does something to the tissues that make future sets easier.
                    - Iím only at about 6 pounds now (two 2.5 pound plates + one Captains of Crush grip strength trainer) and my flaccid penis is already feeling more robust; this is a good feeling in itself and it makes getting set up much easier.
                    - The Experience of Doing this properly is NOTHING like the experience or trying to figure it out in the beginning; once you get your rhythm down and are enjoying results (even temporary ones that suggest whatís possible) the whole thing becomes much more self-reinforcing and enjoyable.


                    >Since my last message Iíve been lowered my weight to spend more time perfecting technique while also doing the wrapping for upper shaft expansion and the results have been very good.<

                    That is great.

                    >I think in the past I've been overestimating how much space from the glans I need to be and this was causing my a big problem because I've got a "bad spot" that I have to get in front of in order to tighten down properly.<

                    It appears you have enough gap between head and hanger. The hanging picture is a little far away to see exactly where the head is.

                    >I still don't get the natural "rebound" after pushing the hanger forward to get blood out of the head<


                    The natural rebound is when you have tightened enough to grasp the internals and form the shoulders. Then, when you push forward, then release some of the forward pressure, the hanger rebounds.

                    When you first attach the hanger, and push forward to allow the blood to pass by the wrap, the hanger should NOT naturally rebound. You use your left thumb pushing down between head and hanger to reestablish the gap between head and hanger.

                    >Using a thicker wrap so I can open up the bottom gap has completely resulted the seemingly intractable twisting issue, as has attaching the hanger farther forward.<

                    That is great. One thing I would suggest...You know the first couple of passes of wrap should be static, no tension pulled. IF I were you, I would drop back a quarter inch on each of the first passes of wrap, before starting the closer passes with tension on them.

                    Those first passes of wrap in your wrap picture appears to be a bit too constricting, and close together. You can have the same wrapped bundle in the attachment zone. But have those first passes a bit wider before you start the attachment zone passes.

                    I do not know what your Tband situation is...but I would also wrap further toward the base, if you have a longer piece of tband. At least enough so that you can tape the bundle behind the hanger attachment point.

                    >The one thing I'm having a bit of an issue with now is a touch of edema in the skin that ends up in front of the wrap. I've included a picture to see if this might be within normal limits or if it's definitely a sign of a technique issue.<

                    I did not see any unusual edema in any of the pictures. Looks very good in fact. The only concern with edema is if it gets to the point of making the skin sting while hanging. IF not, you are good to go.

                    If it does get to the point of stinging, then you probably need to ease up on the tension of the wrap in the later passes.

                    >You'll notice that the teeth are rather tightly locked in these images; I took them after a step during which I increased tightness once or twice towards the end.<

                    You would like to have a bit more top gap than that, so that you can tighten a bit more if needed. Since you are very close to perfection, a quarter turn IN on each of the adjustment hex nuts may create enough additional top gap.

                    >Also, when I push the hanger forward, how far over the head should the hanger go? I am able to push the hanger forward such that the head is in the hanger well, but I'm wondering if I'm supposed to be able to push it further and if maybe this is why I'm having the edema issue.<

                    I do not see an edema issue. That will be more about wrap tightness than anything, in this situation.

                    You should be able to push the hanger forward as you have described. The key is to see most of the excess blood move back past the wrapped bundle. If you get that, then you are good.

                    Really good pictures, and overall, really good technique.



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                      A new question for BIB:

                      Based on my tests youíve suggested that I may not have a lot of potential for gains from lig Stretch.

                      Per your suggestion, I am hanging BTC while continuing to work up to 20 pounds while perfecting my technique.

                      Right now Iím consistently getting 4 sets of 20min in a single session BTC and Iím wondering about the relative utility of adding in some SD set (which I can do while standing) vs. adding in still more BTC.

                      SD is a less severe angle for ligaments, but then again for me tunica stretching might be more useful in the long run anyway. Iíd prefer to do SD just for standing, but Iím willing to do BTC for these extra sets if thatís likely to be more productive even given my limited potential for ligament gaIns.

                      There are just chunks of time in the morning and evening where I could easily add as much as an hour of hanging SD whereas BTC might be more difficult.


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                        • An additional question about wrapping for upper shaft expansion:

                        I havenít her mastered this to the point that I can reliably create the swelling. When I get it right is amazing but Iím still not sure what makes the difference between when it works and when it doesnít (tightenin vs. loostenin

                        If the penis becomes kind of puffy (not firm), does this mean fluid retention and that the wrap isnít right enough? This is my most common negative result.

                        The goal I think is a firm, plump state thatís distinct from an erection in that itís actually swollen larger and not as rigid.


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                          >Right now Iím consistently getting 4 sets of 20min in a single session BTC and Iím wondering about the relative utility of adding in some SD set (which I can do while standing) vs. adding in still more BTC.<

                          That is fine.

                          >havenít her mastered this to the point that I can reliably create the swelling. When I get it right is amazing but Iím still not sure what makes the difference between when it works and when it doesnít (tightenin vs. loostenin<

                          It is really easy to simply adjust the tension on the last pass or two of wrap. So, if you are too tight, the shaft may not fill. If you are too loose, then the return flow will not be reduced enough.

                          So, wrap most of the shaft loose, then the last pass or two, more tension. If the return flow is not reduced enough to swell the head and upper shaft, add a bit of tension, until it is.

                          >If the penis becomes kind of puffy (not firm), does this mean fluid retention and that the wrap isnít right enough? This is my most common negative result.<

                          I cannot know. You want the head and upper shaft firm.

                          >The goal I think is a firm, plump state thatís distinct from an erection in that itís actually swollen larger and not as rigid.<

                          Sounds right.



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                            i canít find the thread in which you recommended the perfect underwrap but I tried to order it from amazon and the order was cancelled because, apparently, it isnít available.

                            I saw a similar wrap but itís black and wondered if you think itíd probably be a suitable alternative:


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                              >I saw a similar wrap but itís black and wondered if you think itíd probably be a suitable alternative:<

                              That appears to be it. Just a different color.



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                                Thank you BIB! I ordered it and am looking forward to giving it a try.

                                Lately Iíve found that the vast majority of discomfort that comes with extended wear for me tends to related to the bottom of the wrap being pushed into the skin at the base of the penis/ scrotum.

                                Iíve got a fair amount of penal-scrotal webbing (looking forward to addressing this once I get to hanging OTS), and Iíve found that grabbing the entire scrotum in one hand and the bottom of the wrap in the other and pulling (once engorgement has always been achieved), first in one direction and then in the other, results in a much more comfortable session even without any kind of underwrap.

                                Regarding Wrapping For Upper Shaft:

                                Does anyone have experience with it being easier to get the desired results at certain times of day than at others?

                                I can consistently get the desired effect in the morning (right after waking up) but in the afternoon/evening what seems like the exact same technique doesnít work, like Iím either too tight or too loose and I end up with the fluid buildup without the expansion.

                                Obviously morning isnít ideal for entended wear because of potential interference with later hanging. Iíve found that about an hour with fairly intense swelling seems to work well; I have the helpful ďheftĒ still present an hour or so later without the residual fluid buildup under the skin that can cause problems, but Iíd really like to have the option of doing extended expansion sessions in the evening after hanging is done as BIB suggests.

                                Normally Iíd think this was just me doing something dumb, but the fact I can get the swelling like itís nothing Iím the morning whereas at night I can try again and again and not get the desired effect makes me wonder.

                                Perhaps itís differences in blood flow that necessitates a different amount of tension to get the process started?