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  • Paulieís progress log

    My Bib arrived today
    only had an hour or so to play around with it.. But got my wrap done, bib adjusted and hung 5lbs SD FOR 10mins or so...
    seemed to go pretty well canít wait to get this party started.


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    Hey bib

    im into my 5th week hanging... so far so good!
    this is a practise experimental period for me as i have a 2 week vacation booked on the 10th of jan to escape the British weather, at which time Iíll be 9 weeks into hanging..

    about me...
    40yrs old, uncut, rough stats are 5.5 nbpel 4.5 ebg.
    I will take accurate measurements when I begin for real at the end of January.
    goal for now is 7.5 EL Iím only 5ft 5Ē and slim I donít actually want it to reach my knee!! Lol

    No previouse PE

    reading and researching threads for hours everyday and over coming minor obstacles thus far from advise previously given by yourself.

    wrapping with hayabusa and grey Tband
    currently upto 7 sets back to back BTC,
    strarted at 2kg will stick with this until I reach 10 sets.
    Im hanging Monday to Friday unfortunately zero private time on Saturdays and getting in a couple of sets on a Sunday evening.

    No measured results thus far but seeing/feeling enough subtle changes to be positive about i can and WILL achieve

    what you have done and continue to do is amazing!!

    im sure Iíll be seeking your advice in future.. thanks in adavance!!


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      >Im hanging Monday to Friday unfortunately zero private time on Saturdays and getting in a couple of sets on a Sunday evening.<

      That is really bad. You need to try and get in at least a couple of sets each day on the weekends. The ten sets are ok during the weekdays. But then you are giving a significant amount of time for healing, and becoming stronger. I would rather you hang six sets every day, rather than ten per weekday, and little on the weekends.

      I did what you are doing at first. Very little hanging on the weekends, and all day during the week. I quickly realized it would not work. It would take Monday and Tuesday to get my soft tissue conditioning back, so I could hang well on Wednesday.

      Hang on the weekends, behind a locked door. Late at night. Whatever.



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        i surley will have my hanger with me and hang a set at every opportunity on a Saturday.