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  • Yea I’m just doing the half’s n half’s I’ll keep measurements see what’s happening I know how my body feels and btc side to side just going to target the front lig mainly unless I’m humping the air to make the 270 degrees into 180 to 360


    • Jack10,

      >I know you can’t swing as much btc <

      Why? I always could. Much easier in fact. Did not have to worry about hitting legs.

      >why wouldn’t standing be better?<

      BTC, the ligs stretch and curve around the pubic bone. There is much more stress on all the ligs BTC, as opposed to SD.



      • I tried it I don’t feel side ligs stretching only the front lig shifting around side ways I lay down btc not sitting btc. I can feel the side ligs are restraining gains when I stand up I lean up on couch with torso in a sumo squat and go side to side feeling way more of the restraining ligs get stretched.


        • Plus I can make a fulcrum with hand on the tight areas. Use a heating pad first ten minutes btc at 160 degrees too. Do 4 sets off days 3 sets on work days. The ads may be helping I know it’s increasing testicular volume though. Trying to keep proliferation phase going throughout day
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          • So Xeno made majority of gains in 12 days looking at my gains, bpfsl, it was about .2 in about 15 days, .3 in 25 days, and at 30 if really stretching .35. And this was with a measly three sets going from 5-7.5 n about 4 day adding 2.5 every four to max 12.5 then going to four sets after four.

            if I weren’t on a competition diet I’d most likely stop and maybe do one set a day for a week then ads for three weeks then begin again for another .2 burst.

            But since I’m a caloric deficit I will do two-three months measuring gains and seeing where a major halt is then find that magic 80% of gains made time line and repeat. I can tell the conditioning is making unit less pliable already.

            if it’s not .4 in gains within end of February doing the decon. I hopefully will make them and pursue for .5-.6 in March.
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