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  • Gel detached over use

    Hello, I've been hanging with my bib starter for about 6 months now, and a slight portion of gel on the inside, left side and bottom disappeared and make it very hard on touch. I was wondering if there is a solution to add gel back, like silicone glue or sealant. I often only used theraband as a warp and it became too painful for the skin so I had to add another warp under.
    I'm not in NA so sending the hanger back to bib for repair would be too expensive.

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    >Hello, I've been hanging with my bib starter for about 6 months now, and a slight portion of gel on the inside, left side and bottom disappeared and make it very hard on touch. I was wondering if there is a solution to add gel back, like silicone glue or sealant. <

    No, sorry. It must be remolded.

    But the padding should never wear out. The padding is well held on by the lateral compression of the hanger. Therefore, there should be no friction. This means you have not been tightening the hanger enough for the amount of weight you wish to hang.



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      What would be the cost for remolding+shipping back? Thank you for the fast reply.


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        >What would be the cost for remolding+shipping back? Thank you for the fast reply.<

        Remolding is $30. I do not know where you are, so I do not know the shipping.



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          I will paste the exchange of emails I had with Bib here. All are from Bib.


          >Hello, this is hacermo from the bibforums. I think I will go with the remolding if I have no other option. I added a photo just in case, where gel got completely removed at some parts and left just the white tip open. That's too bad if I can't hang for about 2 weeks but you seemed confident it had to be remolded.<

          There is nothing wrong with using the hanger with that small spot of padding removed. I thought you meant the inner fingers were worn or gone. Padding gone from the top or bottom teeth should make no difference.

          There is no way that you can feel anything different because of the missing spot of padding. If there is something that is uncomfortable, it is because of something other than this.

          You do not need the hanger re-padded.

          Now, it could be that your bottom gap is not as wide as it should be. Is your bottom gap larger than the top gap?


          >I keep making sure that the bottom and top gap are about equal, or that bottom is slightly larger than top gap.<

          No. The bottom gap needs to be significantly larger than the top gap. The pressure from the hanger needs to come from the inner fingers of the hanger. There should be little pressure from the top teeth and bottom teeth.

          >If the bottom gap is too large anyway there's more room for error so the shaft and wrap can get pushed back more in between the teeth so I avoid that.<

          I have no idea what that means. It does not sound correct.

          Perhaps you should send me the four technique pictures, so I will know what you are doing.

          >At the 15-20 minutes mark, I think I feel more discomfort especially where the white tips rest on the shaft. <

          If the white parts are simply resting on the wrapped shaft, there should be little to no pressure.

          >I can't be sure since I still feel something with a silicone sleeve + theraband, or your recommended Hayabusa warp + theraband.<

          Attachment point fatigue is not unusual. You just want it to be in the right place. If it is coming from the top or bottom teeth area, then you are doing something wrong.

          >For sure I could see a mark on the skin when only using theraband 2 weeks ago so I thought gluing silicone could be a temporary fix.<

          IF you see a mark from the bottom teeth, you do not have the correct trigonometry. Either you do not have enough WFG, wrapped flaccid girth, or your bottom gap is not wide enough, or a combination of both.

          Let me put it this way...the padding on the top and bottom teeth should not matter whatsoever. Please understand, the major amount of pressure should come from the inner fingers. That is how the hanger is designed to work.

          >I also make sure the hanger is always tight enough, but at some point I can't tighten more because of the hard white parts. I'm a bit confused.<

          The best thing you can do is send me the four technique pictures. If you wish to do so, ask for instructions.


          >I understand now what you mean with the padding on top and bottom teeth being not so important. There is still a white area on the inner finger of the left skid. <

          Your problems are not the hanger. It is your technique. You have many things to fix.

          >Sometimes if the wrap isn't tight enough, or if the bottom gap is too wide or if I pushed down the shaft in the hanger too much, some the wrap would get 'stuck' between the bottom teeth.<

          It is fine for the wrapped bundle to push down into the bottom teeth. However, there should be little pressure on the bottom teeth.

          > The shaft is still constricted and snug between the inner fingers but some of the wrap would slip between the teeth. I don't think it's very important anyway since it doesn't hurt but it can be scary.<

          That is the way the hanger was designed to work.

          >I attached pictures for what you described from other threads. I wrapped closer to the base this time so the head is further from the shoulders than it used to.<

          Why? You are attaching way too far back.

          > If there is something wrong with the setup I have no idea what it could be.<

          Your wrapped bundle is not good. You have a thick layer with many passes toward the head, and that hard edge is stretched between the two sides of the front of the hanger. Very bad.

          You are going to need a much longer piece of Tband to work with. You are going to need more wrap in front of the hanger, and then perhaps more passes in the attachment zone. Any extra wrap, you can simply wrap it toward the base, behind the attachment zone.

          You want to do this anyway, because you always want to tape the last pass behind the attachment zone. Do not attach the hanger on top of tape.

          You have a stretching hand, left or right, and a wrapping hand, left or right.

          Stretch out the penis, grasping the actual head and pulling straight out. Do NOT pull the foreskin back behind the coronal ridge.

          Then smooth the skin back toward the base. While still stretched out, start your wrap, pinning the leading edge of the wrap between your stretching fingers (middle finger and ring finger), and your shaft. Start 1.25 inches from the coronal ridge.

          Make your first pass of wrap around, and then a second about an eighth inch down from the first. Many guys like a third close pass at the top spaced one eighth inch back. The first passes of wrap need to be passive, with little tension on them. Then, you pull more tension on the later passes, where the hanger attaches, to make a solid, stable bundle. This effectively collects the skin, and prevents pinching.

          Then grasp those first passes of wrap and the shaft firmly with your wrapping hand, at the top of the passes, and transfer your stretching grip from the head, to those first passes of wrap, and continue the stretch.

          Then grasp the loose skin, and tug it back toward the base, all around the shaft. This should pull out any wrinkled skin under those first passes of wrap.
          While still stretching out the shaft, make another pass, perhaps a quarter to a half inch down from the original passes. Transfer your stretching grip to the top of the new pass of wrap, holding the wrap and shaft in tandem. Then again tug the skin back toward the base. Continue making passes and tugging the skin back toward the base. When you finish, the skin under the wrap should be wrinkle free.

          Next, you are attaching way too close to the leading edge of the wrap. You need to attach the hanger at least a quarter inch back from the leading edge, as seen from the side, midline of the shaft.

          Next, you are hanging with way too much blood in the head and upper shaft. You cannot continue to do that.

          When you first attach the hanger, before tightening much, if at all, you need to push it all the way to the head, and allow the excess blood to move past the wrap. If it cannot, then either your wrap is too tight, you tightened the hanger too much before pushing forward, or a combination.

          If you still cannot get out the excess blood, then squeeze the head and upper shaft, and get out most of the blood, before you push the hanger forward. If that does not work, let me know.

          After pushing forward, hold it there a minute, until all the excess blood is removed. Then use your left thumb to reestablish the gap between head and hanger, as you go through the tightening process.

          You want to push down/forward with your left thumb, on the shaft, between head and hanger, while you are lifting up on the hanger with your left palm, as you tighten the hanger with your right hand. This will force the shaft low in the shaft well, and keep the excess blood from returning. While waiting between tightening periods, hold forward pressure on the hanger, to keep excess blood from returning. When you finish tightening, the head should be flaccid, and the hanger tight.

          From the time you remove the excess blood, until the set is over, you need some forward pressure, to keep the blood from returning.

          Get those things fixed, then send another set of pictures.

          Last edited by hacermo; 05-11-2019, 02:23 AM.


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            4) hacermo,

            Much better, but not quite there.

            >I attached the hanger to what seems to be 0.25 inch from the leading edge of the theraband. The theraband is 25 inches long, and 1.25 inch from the corona ridge. Is the black wrap too close to the head?<

            Well, it is the gap between the leading edge of the underwrap, and the leading edge of the Tband, that could be a problem. Usually, I recommend only a quarter inch gap between the two.

            So, you can either start your underwrap back a quarter inch, or move your Tband starting point forward a quarter inch. Try both.

            Now, your hanger attachment point needs to be moved back about a quarter inch more, toward the base. In these pictures, the front of the hanger is about even with the leading edge of the Tband. It needs to be a bit further back.

            If you like that hanger attachment point, in relation to your internals, you can start the underwrap in the same spot, but start the Tband about a quarter inch further toward the head, relative to the underwrap. Then attach the hanger a quarter inch back.

            >When hanging the foreskin is being pulled over the glans and shouldn't be that way from what I remember you said on forums, but it is the only comfortable way I found. <

            No. The foreskin WILL be pushed forward a bit, as the hanger grasps the internals, and forms the shoulders of the head. But the hanger should NOT slide over the internals, and move to the head. Understand?

            Comparing the attachment picture, to the hanging picture, it does not appear the hanger is slipping over the internals.

            Also, your top gap looks good, if the hanger is very tight.

            >Does it look more like what should be done correctly?<

            Yes. But you did not provide a picture of the bottom gap. Was it the same? Also, you did not say how it felt. That is the most important part.

            >I think the black wrap was a bit too close to the head.<

            Trial and error process.

            >Hanging 5kg here so the foreskin covers more of the glans.<

            But, did you feel the hanger slide over the internals, or not?

            > I removed the excess blood from the head.<

            Looks much better.

            To me, it appears your hanger attachment point, relative to the head, and the internals, is good. I would leave it there, if comfortable. So, I would just start the Tband a quarter inch forward, relative to the underwrap. Then attach the hanger a quarter inch back from the leading edge of the Tband.

            So then, you might need to move the last pass of Tband a bit further back toward the base, so that you avoid attaching the hanger on the tape.

            5) hacermo,

            You need to copy and paste all of our conversations to your hanging thread on the Bib forum. Then, ask further questions there. Much easier to keep up with your information, and to help you, on the forum.

            >I thought that attaching the hanger more towards the base would stretch more of the skin instead of ligaments/tunica.<

            For dedicated skin stretch, you do attach a half inch back toward the base, and NOT tighten the hanger to grasp the internals. That will put most of the stress on the skin.

            >From what I understand now, it's for grasping the internals better, so that the hanger doesn't slide near the sensitive nerve on the top of the penis behind the glans?<

            Completely separate issue. For normal hanging, you wrap, attach, and tighten on the internals, such that you have at least a quarter inch gap, between head and hanger, as seen from the side, midline of the shaft.

            >For what I feel now, it's like a pinching sensation at the base. Pinching between the base and the therraband, so about 3cm, especially on the sides of the shaft.<

            So, completely behind the hanger? That sounds like fatigue on the skin or internals in that area.

            >From my experience I can tell it's just not skin stretching. The hanger doesn't slide over the internals. I still have skin irritation and after removing the hanger I can see marks on the shaft, around where the bottom teeth land. It could be the wrap pinching the skin but I'm not sure. It's only on the underside of the shaft, on the sides.<

            It may be that your bottom gap is not wide enough. Along with that, you may not have enough WFG. As always, you need to experiment to relieve the discomfort, if it is not target tissue discomfort.

            >I read about blink2000's hanging tips and about reaching fatigue. I try to do 12 sets at 20 minutes every day with no rest day. That's 28 hours/week, is it too much? <

            It is not too much, if you are consistent. I hung all day, most every day.

            >I start sets at 5kg, 4kg on the 2nd set, and gradually reduce until 2kg, usually at the 6-7th set. I only hang straight down, sometimes BTC.<

            If you want to fully stretch out the ligs, you need to hang a lot of BTC. How are you deciding which angle to use?

            >I could hang at 5kg for the first 2 sets a few weeks ago, but since hanging as many sets as I can every day, fatigue reached a point where it's not possible. It sounds good in my books, but maybe you could bring some light to it.<

            From my experience, that is totally normal. In fact, I had many episodes where I could not return to my max weight for up to two weeks. I was riding really good fatigue. But I was hanging a lot of BTC. Really concentrating on stretching out the susp ligs. Hanging more SD, you will be targeting the fund and tri ligs, which do not hold the penis in as much.

            >Sometimes I wonder if the marks I see on the shaft aren't a sign of hanging too much.<

            No. I always had marks on my shaft skin after unwrapping. Either from the wrap, or the hanger. If anything, it is a sign you were probably grasping the internals.

            (end of emails)
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              I'm really thankful to Bib to take his time to answer all these questions. I think I got most of my concerns solved now.
              If you want to fully stretch out the ligs, you need to hang a lot of BTC. How are you deciding which angle to use?
              I hang SD mainly because I can do anyting else I want to on my computer. Hanging BTC is uncomfortable on my chair so I don't do it as often as I should. From what I read, choosing your primary angle is either SD or BTC.

              Would hanging only BTC be better until I get all my gains from it?


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                >I hang SD mainly because I can do anyting else I want to on my computer. Hanging BTC is uncomfortable on my chair so I don't do it as often as I should.<

                Make it comfortable. I used an executive office chair, and put a small pillow in the small of my back, when hanging BTC. Very comfortable.

                >From what I read, choosing your primary angle is either SD or BTC.<

                To start out, learning to hang, conditioning soft tissues, I recommend the lower angles. But if you have not done the three tests, you need to do so.

                >Would hanging only BTC be better until I get all my gains from it?

                In order to fully stretch out your ligs, you will need to do a lot of BTC hanging. I recommend sliding down in your chair, toward BTC. If along the way, you feel a really good stretch, good fatigue, then you can stay at that angle till it subsides.