I am posting this here, because your gmail kicked my email back.

>Hi sir,I have a question..<

The best thing to do is start your own personal thread on the Bib forum. Hard to help you this way.

>I have been following up with your posts for some time and I've been hanging BTC for 5 months now..and the gains seem to have stopped for the 5th month.<

That is not unusual. I had two periods of two months each, where I did not record a gain.

Lack of gains is not a reason to change your routine. What you need to know is how much potential you have for gains from lig stretch. Do the three tests, LOT, mirror, and palpation tests, Basics section, Bib forum.

Those will tell you what you need to do. You do not want to move to tunica work, before the ligs are fully stretched out.

>I am now planning to hang OTS..What is OTS with a fulcrum??how to go about it sir?<

For tunica work, you use the RSDT fulcrum, and OTS, both with and without a normal rice sock as a fulcrum.

Basics section, Bib forum.