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    >I got a "hardcore" hanger today, <

    Finally! That is incredible

    >I did 2 sets of 20 minutes / 5 pounds. I try to do everything right but a lot of blood remains in my head during the set.<

    When you first attach the hanger, before tightening much, if at all, you need to push it all the way to the head, and allow the excess blood to move past the wrap. If it cannot, then either your wrap is too tight, you tightened the hanger too much before pushing forward, or a combination.

    If you still cannot get out the excess blood, then squeeze the head and upper shaft, and get out most of the blood, before you push the hanger forward. If that does not work, let me know.

    After pushing forward, hold it there a minute, until all the excess blood is removed. Then use your left thumb to reestablish the gap between head and hanger, as you go through the tightening process.

    You want to push down/forward with your left thumb, on the shaft, between head and hanger, while you are lifting up on the hanger with your left palm, as you tighten the hanger with your right hand. This will force the shaft low in the shaft well, and keep the excess blood from returning. While waiting between tightening periods, hold forward pressure on the hanger, to keep excess blood from returning. When you finish tightening, the head should be flaccid, and the hanger tight.

    From the time you remove the excess blood, until the set is over, you need some forward pressure, to keep the blood from returning.



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      What to do to tighten more? Should I add a wrap? I use a 35 'by 1.5' theraband.


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        >What to do to tighten more? Should I add a wrap? I use a 35 'by 1.5' theraband.<

        Did you read the product guide?

        You must adjust the internal adjustment hex nuts, for the amount of WFG, wrapped flaccid girth, you are using.

        Loosen the bottom wing nuts all the way out. Pull the right side of the hanger back. Move the bottom internal hex nuts in a good bit. Replace the right side of the hanger, align it, then snug the outer wing nuts back down.

        Finding the correct bottom internal hex nut adjustments is a trial and error process.



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          Does a "hardcore" hanger need more wrapping than a "bib hanger"?
          Is the 45 "by 1.5" theraband a lot?


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            >Does a "hardcore" hanger need more wrapping than a "bib hanger"?<

            All other things being equal, the hardcore would need more WFG, wrapped flaccid girth, than the Starter model.

            >Is the 45 "by 1.5" theraband a lot?<

            It depends on how it is wrapped. Overall, it is a lot of wrap. But if the entire shaft is wrapped, it might not be too much.

            You most probably need to send me the four technique pictures, to see what you are trying to do.



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              I sent photos.


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                >A 35-inch by 1.5-inch wraparound is used in the photos.

                The wrap is 1 inch from the head.

                20 minutes of the 4th set, weight 5.5 pounds.

                How does it look like?<

                You have the right idea. There are some things you can do better.

                First, one of the reasons your using a longer piece of wrap is that it is only 1.5 inches wide. You have enough length that you should have cut the length of the Tband in half. So about 2.5 inches wide. That would require less length of your strip.

                Next, you are not wrapping correctly. There are too many passes of wrap toward the head, that appear to be extremely tight. You do NOT want a hard edge of wrap pushing on the nerve bundle on top of the shaft, behind the head. You MUST have the first couple of passes of wrap loose, passive, then pull a bit of tension on the passes of wrap in the attachment zone, so that the wrapped bundle is solid and stable.

                Tape the last pass of wrap behind the hanger attachment zone, toward the base. Do NOT tape the last pass in front of the hanger, toward the head.

                You have a stretching hand, left or right, and a wrapping hand, left or right.

                Stretch out the penis, grasping the head and pulling straight out. Then smooth the skin back toward the base. While still stretched out, start your wrap, pinning the leading edge of the wrap between your stretching fingers (middle finger and ring finger), and your shaft. Start a half inch to 1.25 inches from the coronal ridge, depending on overall length.

                Make your first pass of wrap around, and then a second about an eighth inch down from the first. Many guys like a third close pass at the top. Then grasp those first passes of wrap and the shaft firmly with your wrapping hand, at the top of the passes, and transfer your stretching grip from the head, to those first passes of wrap, and continue the stretch.

                Then grasp the loose skin, and tug it back toward the base, all around the shaft. This should pull out any wrinkled skin under those first passes of wrap.
                While still stretching out the shaft, make another pass, perhaps a quarter to a half inch down from the original passes. Transfer your stretching grip to the top of the new pass of wrap, holding the wrap and shaft in tandem. Then again tug the skin back toward the base. Continue making passes and tugging the skin back toward the base. When you finish, the skin under the wrap should be wrinkle free.

                If you wrap like this, you can still attach the hanger in the same spot, relative to the leading edge of the wrap.

                Your attachment point is good. Your bottom gap is wider than your top gap, which is good. You do not have much excess blood in the head and upper shaft. All good.

                Fix your wrap, then send me four more pictures.



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                  What length do you recommend cutting the 2.5 inch strip to?
                  Won't a shorter strip reduce the WFG?


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                    >What length do you recommend cutting the 2.5 inch strip to?<

                    36 inches is fine. Just wrap the excess behind the hanger attachment point. There is no sense cutting the wrap shorter, and risk wasting it.

                    >Won't a shorter strip reduce the WFG?<

                    Potentially yes. But obviously, a wider strip reduces the length you would need. We do not know how much, so just use a very long piece. At least to start.



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                      I cut a new wrapper, I'll send photos tomorrow. Today I increased the weight to 7.7lbs, did 3 sets of 20 minutes, after the third set the skin on the underside of the penis was a little swollen, is that normal?


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                        >I'll send photos tomorrow.<


                        >oday I increased the weight to 7.7lbs, did 3 sets of 20 minutes,<

                        NO! You do NOT have your technique down yet. You should not hang more than 5 lbs, for three sets, until you know what you are doing.

                        Next, you are not following the NOS email. You need to increase the number of sets, one each week, until you are hanging at least 4 or 5 sets each day. Ten hours of actual hang time each week. Then, you can begin to move up in weight, no more than 15% each week.

                        So if you are hanging five lbs, then you increase no more than .75 lbs for the first weight increase.

                        >after the third set the skin on the underside of the penis was a little swollen, is that normal?<

                        No. It is an indication of high internal blood pressure, pushing fluid from the blood, into the interstitial spaces of the skin.

                        Either you are hanging with too much blood in the head and upper shaft, your wrap is too tight, your hanger is not tight enough, your bottom gap is not wide enough, you are attaching too far from the head, or you recently moved up a good bit in stress levels, or a combination of two or more of those.

                        I would say your issue is moving up in weight too quickly, before your technique is right.



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                          Pictures sent.


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                            >In the photos, I used a 36 '' by 2.5 '' wrapper. This wrapper is too long so I have wrapped the excess behind the attachment point, 32 '' maybe 30 '' would be fine.<

                            No sense cutting it if you do not need to. The ends tend to eventually tear off, so a bit longer is fine.

                            >The wrap is 1 inch from the head.

                            20 minutes of 1 set, weight 6 pounds. Today I did 3 sets of 20 minutes with a weight of 6 pounds and there was no swelling on the skin.

                            Is it good?<

                            That is pretty damn good technique.

                            Now, in the future you might need a bit more WFG, or need to adjust the bottom internal hex nut adjustments. You might want to experiment with toeing the hanger. But remember these parameters, because this is a good base to work from going forward.



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                              I haven't taken any measurements yet.
                              What's the best way to measure my penis?
                              My LOT is 8.30 am, can I send 3 photos for the mirror test?


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                                >I haven't taken any measurements yet.
                                What's the best way to measure my penis?<

                                The same exact way every time.

                                It does not matter where you put the butt of the ruler. Just put it in the same place.

                                >My LOT is 8.30 am, can I send 3 photos for the mirror test?<

                                Yes. Do you need the instructions?