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Hanger Modification for RSDTF

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  • Hanger Modification for RSDTF

    I’m hanging at a higher weight for SO RSDTF and need to make the hanger modification that creates more leverage. How is this done?

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    >I’m hanging at a higher weight for SO RSDTF and need to make the hanger modification that creates more leverage. How is this done?<

    I assume you mean attaching fulcrum extensions?

    OK, first things first: This may be dangerous if you do not use good sense. Please, read this carefully, and do not use too much weight. You do NOT have to use much weight. You will need to start VERY low in weight, and add weight very slowly.

    You need to take a good while to simply learn how this works. It does require a new skill set.

    This involves adding fulcrum extensions to the hanger, to be used with the RSDT fulcrum.

    Go to a good hardware store, and buy two, three inch mending braces, that are one half to three quarters inches wide. They will have predrilled holes in them. Also get a few small wood screws, if you do not already have some. Half inch will be fine. Also, two #8, half inch, pan head machine screws, with washers and nuts.

    Take off the strap removing the nuts on each side. Put a mending brace on each side, slipping the next to the last hole of the mending brace over the imbedded strap bolt. Have the mending braces positioned so that they are sticking out straight in front of the hanger. Put the nuts back on and tighten.

    NOTE: The predrilled holes in the mending braces you get may not be what you need. They may not fit on the hanger properly. If that is the case, line the mending brace up with one end at the very back of the hanger. Then mark where the strap post comes out on the mending brace. Then, drill a hole in the mending brace on that mark. Do it for both sides.

    Then, drill a small hole into the hanger plastic through the last hole of the mending brace, and into the hanger plastic behind the strap bolt, for each side. Screw in a small wood screw into the hole in the plastic. The screw does not have to go into the plastic very far, but should be a bit tight.

    Now, put the strap on using the half inch machine screws. USE THE MENDING BRACE HOLES CLOSEST TO THE FRONT OF THE HANGER!

    Put the new machine screws into the mending brace on each side, from the inside of the hanger through the mending brace, then through the strap grommet, and then put a washer and the new nut on, for each side. This will keep your head from hitting the shank of the screws.

    That should be it, but I probably forgot something. Ask questions if you need to.

    Now for the use of this thing:

    It is very important which holes of the mending brace you attach the strap to. The further out the strap is attached, the greater the fulcrum action. This makes the effective stress delivered by the system go up exponitially, for each hole. So now, the holes used are more important than the amount of weight.

    Even if you are used to using 20 lbs or more for normal hangs, you should start out with only 2-3 lbs. Please do not ignore this.

    So you have the strap attached to the mending brace holes closest to the front of the hanger. Attach the hanger, put your shaft across the fulcrum, and add the 2-3 lbs. The strap attached further out will make it much easier for the weight to pull down the front of the hanger, and make the double fulcrum action much more pronounced.

    Be sure your fulcrum is correctly sized so that the hanger begins the set sticking out straight in the air.

    If the 2-3 lbs does nothing for you, add just a half lb if possible. Continue going up in weight very slowly, until you find a weight that brings on fatigue. It should not take long. Five lbs will be a lot of weight. Please do not be afraid to reduce the weight quickly.

    This technique will force tunica gains like you cannot believe. It does not take much weight to do it. You must be careful though.

    At some point, if you have to use more than ten lbs to reach fatigue, then you can think about moving the strap out one hole on the mending braces. But PLEASE realize this will greatly increase the effective stress.

    This is not play time. Please be careful with this technique, and respect the power of the fulcrum.

    If you can and want to take pictures of the set up, I will be happy to evaluate.



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      Ok, Thanks, I think I get it. I’ll give it a try.