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  • Ireland's progress

    Tried all other PE techniques..well except this and Ulis (although I did my own thing with a so k and a shoe lace)

    Will just keep my progress/weight progression here. As I had it in Product support and that wasn't the place for it. Hopefully this can give motivation to others and myself.


    Month 1 done,

    Can't remember what weight I started at but I think 1 kg, or 1.5kg....but regardless with a max weight of 2.75kgs reached by the months end (Just about to increase again)

    Bpel gain - 0.5cm

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    Should of added above. I regaining lost ground at the moment, so not sure if one gains back quicker than they make new ground. From my experience it's takes just as long with this ..(but not in yoga Interestingly enough). My gains in the past were jelqing but mostly from extender and using the vac hanger. But this seems more sustainable and a long term solution, wish I started here.

    Thanks to bib.