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  • Abbreviations

    Can someone helpme to understand all of the abbreviated words about hanging.
    SO=Straight out?
    BTC=between the cheeks?
    RSDT Falcrum=Rice Sock Straight Down
    OTL=over the leg
    SO=Straight Out
    SD=Straight Down
    Have i missed any

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    Re: Abbreviations



    Behind the balls. As in jelqing behind the balls, either while wrapped for hanging in order to push blood past the wrap to the upper shaft and head; or while jelqing after a hanging session simply to promote good circulation and possibly increase total blood flow.


    Over the shoulder. Either shoulder. Make a rope extension with a hook in one end, and a loop in the other. You can thread the rope through a length of hose, to reduce friction on your shoulder.

    Angle essentially straight up, toward the chin. Can be done with a normal rice sock between the top of the shaft and abdomen. Stresses the entire tunica, all the way to the internal anchor points. Good secondary angle when using the RSDT fulcrum.

    Also a great angle at which to stretch the bottom and side shaft skin, with the scrotum skin wrapped.


    Under the leg. Used when BTC is requiring too much stress, weight, to reach fatigue in the ligs. Stresses the lateral suspensory ligament. After a set or two on each side of UTL, it should be much easier to reach fatigue with normal BTC. Can also be performed by simply rolling over on either hip from the normal BTC position, but watch out for the balls. Or you can just swing the weight back and forth gently. That will stress the lateral susp ligs, probably more effectively.


    Straight out. Can be performed in a chair with a long seat, and some hard surface protection over the front edge of the chair. Or with a pulley system. Good secondary angle for the RSDT fulcrum or BTC. For most guys will stress the entire tunica all the way to the internal anchor points, without losing stress to the ligs. For guys with a high LOT, the ligs may engage at this angle.


    Between the cheeks. Most severe of the lower angles, and most efficient for stressing the entire lig bundle structure, suspensory bundles and fundiform bundles. Shaft should split the balls, hanger skids should be riding on the 'taint', the butt, or the front edge of the chair, depending on shaft length. Also the best angle at which to stretch the pubic area skin and top of the shaft skin.

    RSDT Falcrum

    Rice Sock Duct Tape Fulcrum. Individually constructed fulcrum, double action, for stressing the top of the two major tunica, and the septum of the tunica. Should be used after the ligs are stretched out, the LOT drops to six or so, by using BTC. A divide and conquer technique for gains from tunica stretch, makes it very easy to reach fatigue in the tunica. RSDT thread stuck at the top of the hangers forum.


    Over the Leg

    Stresses the sides of the tunica. Probably the least effective angle. Not needed very much.


    Straight Down. Stresses the ligs and top shaft and pubic area skin. Can be used at varying degrees when you first start, working your way down to true BTC. Not as effective as BTC.

    >Have i missed any<

    I do not know offhand. But if you or anyone find others, please just ask here. This can be a good resource.

    Thanks very much.

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      Re: Abbreviations

      How about ADS? That is showing up all over this forum and I have no clue what it means.


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        Re: Abbreviations


        >How about ADS? That is showing up all over this forum and I have no clue what it means.<

        All Day Stretcher or stretch.



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          Re: Abbreviations

          Hey Bigger, Thanks again for all the info, I have been reading alot, What exactly are the ligs that i am reading about that need to be stretched?

          Thanks again! :mrgreen:


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            Re: Abbreviations


            >What exactly are the ligs that i am reading about that need to be stretched?<

            Suspensory, Fundiform, and to an extent, the tri ligs. Located at the base of the shaft, attaching the inner penis at varying degrees, to the pubic bone.



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              Can anyone enlighten me on the abbreviation WFG?


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                >Can anyone enlighten me on the abbreviation WFG?<

                Wrapped Flaccid Girth.