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Attaining a Flaccid State for Wrapping and Attachment

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  • Attaining a Flaccid State for Wrapping and Attachment

    Hey All,

    I just wanted to share a little technique I developed for myself a few years ago when I was having issues with staying flaccid for the wrapping/attachment process.

    Because so many people seem to have trouble with attachment, particularly with getting completely flaccid as is required for the proper wrap and hanger application, I figured I would share.

    Personally, I've -always- had a bit of an issue. Sometimes just grabbing the shaft to begin my wrap, my shaft would swell and I'd have to squeeze the head and ultimately waste more time waiting for the semi-erection to subside.

    The Technique

    First, get yourself some form of exercise resistance tools. It could be bands, dumbbells, barbells, or anything compact and portable for convenience sake.

    Before each set/wrap job, do 1-3 sets of some light curls, triceps extensions, or even upright rows... Use a weight that lets you do over 10-15 reps, ideally. Physiologically, this will force blood into working muscles, and turn OFF parasympathetic activation favourably enough to pull blood away from organs, including the penis. (Ever notice after a ridiculous weight training session, the blood is completely drained from your unit?)

    The idea is the resistance training effort diverts your attention and your blood-flow AWAY from your penis... It will also be beneficial for anyone that works out and wants to focus on a lagging body part... Rotate exercises to avoid over use as you'll be doing this daily. Push ups could work too... Literally, any resistance style helps... Within 20-30 seconds of a set, you should see a drastic reduction in blood flow to your penis. (Again, I find HIGH reps to be ideal as it's more exhaustive and draws more to working muscles. In addition, you'll be less likely to overwork the chosen muscle.)

    Before wrapping & before the attachment is helpful. Find what works for you.

    Let me know if any clarification is required as this is a technique I still use.

    Hope this helps!

    Take Care


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    Wow, that is brilliant. You could have just helped a large number of guys.




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      Happy to help out.

      It is quite reliable in my experience thus far


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        This was outstanding data and advice! Thank you.